digital footprint

  1. How might your digital footprint affect your personal brand and future? Why is it important to be aware of ones digital footprint? include 2 examples

your digital footprint is basically your history, the good things  or the bad things you’ve done. the people who usually view your footprint are universities and future job references that may do a background check on you. it is important to be aware of your digital footprint because it has a big impact on your life in a negative and positive way

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2.   three strategies are the following

  • if there is any post that you find inappropriate or that you may not feel comfortable with you should remove yourself from the post so that you are not associated with the photos.Image result for tagged on insta
  • do not post/share anything that can affect your digital foot print for example inappropriate activities or illegal activities
  • keep all your social media set to private and don’t accept everyone that try’s to follow you to keep your pictures private

3.  How would you explain the idea of “digital permanence” to anyone in your spheres of influence.

The way i would explain digital permanence would be that digital permanence is something that will stay on the internet. the internet will always have a record of each person even if you delete your information or post from the media.


bazaar reflection

bazaar reflection

The things i experienced at the bazaar  were fun my group had our up and downs. what i did before the bazaar to get the group going is set up a Instagram account that post our products. we also. we also needed ink and paper that i had to order and Jenna and I  also had to figure out the printer because it was very difficult. At the bazaar day i did most of the advertisement by walking around and bringing customers in, i also took care of the money and took the photos while i wasn’t advertising. I worked with a group of three Jenna, Makinze and i.

The academic concepts our group used was math and art. We used math to calculate our costs and we used out art skills to make a loge and then the envelope. after the first day of the bazaar for us we all knew that we had to change out background and upgrade our photo strips. After making the upgrades we got a lot more people coming then last time even tho it was the slowest day of the bazaar.

since i joined business I’ve learned a lot. At the bazaar I’ve learned so much. I’ve learn how to operate a business and I’ve also learned how to talk to customers which is really helpfully in the future. I learned how to talk to customers by talking to so many people. learning talking to customers is really helpful because in my future the job i want to be acquires to talking to people and making deals which really matters.