my fävorite picture

Photo courtesy of The Pokemon Company (link)

This is my favorite picture of this chonky boy. His face makes life worth living. Look at that face. It is. Beautiful.

Pokemon has been a large part of my life for a while now, and even though I’m less enthusiastic about it now every time I visit Japan i usually check out the Pokemon center, with its ridiculous amount of plushes. Anyways, I like looking at this picture because it’s unique and its the original Pikachu design before they made him less fat. But in the newer games Chonk Pikachu seems to be making a comeback, so that is something to look forward to.



my fayvorote video

this video fills me with pure joy. especially when he says ‘chevorlet movie theatre’ ohmygod it is like everything is going to be okay even though it definitely won’t be. I put this on loop every day for at least three hours to cleanse my soul.

ok i rather not fail this course so here’s a serious thing 

Not exactly my favorite video on youtube but I recently watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty even though it came out more than half a decade ago. I remember seeing the trailer before some random movie a long, long time ago and remembering it vividly, for some reason.

About a month ago I finally decided to actually watch the movie, and I liked it a lot. the cinematography was a+ and it was a very uplifting film, with a few lighthearted jokes. i cried like three times because i’m a strong man. the soundtrack was great, and the film location is somewhere i would love to travel to (iceland, as well as greenland, in the film). There’s also a great cover of Space Odyssey somewhere in there by Kristen Wiig (who knew she could sing?? bruh people are too talented) anyways yea good movie so i put the trailer badabing badaboom

my (not) fav kwote

“North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the “Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.” Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!”

Donald Trump, that one time he almost started nuclear war

this tweet perfectly sums up the temporary fall from grace politics and democracy as a whole has suffered from a degenerative disease known as stupidity.

I don’t necessarily like this tweet, but i think it basically sums up a lot of things that we’re gonna have to deal with: crazy boomers with nukes, the stubborness of the past, and the force that’s gonna take to push forward into a better world of innovation.

I’m not political. trust me. probably. aight. peace out