My Digital Footprint

Reflection: When I searched myself up, I found two pictures of me. One picture was from a long time ago. In that picture, I was about 7 years old. The next picture that I found is a pretty recent picture. It was taken last summer. I posted the second picture on my Instagram. But I still don’t quite understand how it got on google because my account on Instagram is private. However, I’m more shocked about the first picture because it wasn’t posted on any social media, ever! I knew about the first picture on google from a long time ago, but I just recently figured out about the second one.

A Quote that Means to Me

‘We don’t meet people by accident. Everyone is meant to cross our path for a reason.’ -Unknown

This quote really stands out to me because sometimes I wonder what was the reasoning behind me meeting a certain person. It might be a person that didn’t end up being my friend, or we just went through a lot of rocky paths that lead to friendships being broken. I now understand that there is meaning behind everyone you meet. There are a bunch of different reasons but a few of them are; It helps you to find the friend you’ve wanted, it teaches you life lessons, sometimes it brings problems that you might think that it would’ve been better off without meeting that person. But from personal experience, you learn more from a bad relationship or friendship. Why? Because it teaches you life lessons and builds up your character. You only learn lessons from mistakes or bad relationships, not from a perfect life with no flaws. This quote is very powerful and I think it’s important for people to read it and to maybe reflect on their past/present relationships.

Image with Impact

Image result for meaningful image people wearing masks

This photo is very meaningful and powerful especially in today’s society. People wear “masks” everywhere! On social media, in person, online, and anywhere else. You might look at a person and be jealous because they seem ‘happy’ and ‘well put together’, when in reality they’re not AT ALL! People hide their faults, flaws, and problems because they want to ”fit in” and they don’t want to show people the reality of their lives. Most of this has to do with today’s beauty standards and other standards that have been put out for a “perfect life”. When in reality no one has and ever will have a perfect life. Everyone has their ups and downs. People hide their feelings because they want it to seem as though they have a ”perfect life”. People need to unmask themselves and they need to stop pretending that everything is fine when it’s not. It’s okay to have a rough period of time in your life! Everyone needs to drop the standards that have been made, and they just need to live THEIR best life, not someone else’s!

YouTube Clip

This video is really short but says enough about self-value. I find this video very meaningful because I feel like a lot of people have or are experiencing a tough/rough time in their life. They might have even thought they lost their self-value or that they’re not worth anything. I believe that this is a message that people should hear. Especially nowadays with social media, cyberbullying and what society believes; it just troubles people and makes them question their own self-value and if they’re even worth anything. The answer to that is, Yes! No matter what you’ve gone through YOU STILL ARE VALUED AND WORTH IT!