Assignment 4: My Digital Portfolio update for COVID-19

Further to our email communication last week, we wanted to update you on how we will be providing continuity of learning for our Digital Learning 10 course.  

At this time, we have 1 remaining assignment for the course, Assignment 4: My Digital Portfolio.  The revised assignment can be found here. 

We have decided to assess your final assignment in the following manner: 

  • All students who have already completed their interview and uploaded their assignment will receive full credit for the assignment. 
  • Students who were scheduled to complete their interview and upload their assignment during the period of March 30 to April 16, 2020 are not required to complete an interview with your DL teacher. These students should upload and embed their assignment to their Edublog before April 17, 2020. We will mark your assignment as completed if you have properly embedded it on your Edublog. You will receive full credit for the assignment. 

We hope this clarifies your remaining learning task for Digital Learning 10. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your DL teachers.  

Thank you and take care, 

Cherie Nagra, Giovanni Valente, and Marina Mehai,, and
Digital Learning 10 Teachers
Port Moody Secondary School
604-939-6656 extension 3063 


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