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Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less. 

       ― Marie Curie (physicist and chemist, 1867 – 1934)

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The reason why i picked this quote was because i felt it was the best quote that fits the today world right now. it is the most relevant quotes out of all of quotes we could have chosen. This quote relates to the corana virus very well. right now we dont know much about the virus and there is no cure or vaccine. right now the corana virus has spread to almost all Asia country, Australia, USA and Vancouver BC . there is over 8000 cases and over 50 deaths i assume and there is so much fear that people have to wear face masks and bio-hazard suits. at the end hopefully we will have a cure but if some how this damages our world severely im sure there will always be fear.







social media and me

ow have social media platforms changed the way we consume and understand information? 


Social media has changed the way we consume information by having more knowledge and exospores 

To the internet. We can also have more access to the world, and we can now easily find stuff out  

without asking. We can simply just look something up and know you know what you wanted to know. 



What value do you get from online social interactions? 

How is social media and social capital helping to form youth culture? 


The value you get from social media interactions are not that valuable in my opinion. All you can get from social media is just learning how to interact with people. I say its better face to face because it’s better to talk to someone in person 


 It is helping form youth culture by letting us talk to our friends and being social online. It forms us because we are always talking to people and making us be a little more social. Social media also starts trends and most of the time trends always forms how we are 




Do you see any similarities between the world presented in this video and the world you live in? 

These two worlds are almost identical. The world in the video is just our world in the future. This is because the girl will do anything for good ratings. This also means that most things are fake because the girl spit out the cookie and winced when she drank the tea, meaning that its fake.  


How does the main character gain and lose points? Why are these points important to her? 


She gains points by being rated by others. She loses points when people rate her badly. They are important to her because it defines who she is in life. If she is 5.0 rated she is popular and nobody dislikes her. If she is rated 3.1 people will begin to think she is a bad person and nobody will want to talk to her. 





What value might be derived from this type of social interaction? How are social interactions changed in this world? 

They don’t get as much value from these interactions because they’re always so stressed about them. Everyone tries so hard to have a perfect conversation that the conversations become hard and stressful. They still do it though, because they don’t want to be excluded and they like the feeling of a good rating.  



Question 4 a

If you were to post something wrong or disrespectful on social media it would affect you in the future. It would affect your job prospects because a person who is wanting to hire you can easily go to your social media and see that you have been smoking or doing something illegal. In this case I’m pretty sure in any situation, a person see someone doing something illegal they would instantly block you off or not hire you. It’s important to be aware of this because it can easily affect you in the future.