April 2019 archive

Social Media and Me

This Info Graphic was created to display the connection I made when considering the following materials.





Digital Literacy Reflection: I chose to create an info graphic because I think it was the best way to answer the questions and show my connections to the materials, without making a long wordy essay. Plus, I was able to improve my skills while using the platform Visme. I was able to upload and insert my info graphic with no difficulties. The info graphic includes text explaining my understanding of each article and video. I included icons and pictures to display my ideas in a visual way.

Critical Thinking Core Competency Reflection: While reading and watching the provided content, I considered the context of each message. Ironically, the first article is about the constant need for context and how social media makes finding context a daunting task. I searched the news incident that was referenced in the article, and watched multiple videos about Nose Dive, to gain clarity. I considered the sources themselves to determine if things were reliable fact or intentional fiction. I considered the information from my perspective and then from the perspective of the author of the article, Ted X presenter and main character of each source, respectively.