January 2020 archive

Math and Core Competencies

Core Competencies are the things one uses to develop their knowledge, skills, and connections with others. I  can identify where I have used the competencies of critical and creative thinking, personal, social responsibility and communication, in all of my subject areas. They extended to all of my different subjects and also outside things.

In Math, there is also the use of core competencies. In my project about linear graphing, I worked in a group and presented on the skills our linear graphing and our model. The competency we used most was critical thinking, to learn the skills surrounding linear equations. Next, we used communication. Since we had a long time line, and the winter break we needed to communicate, and use personal social responsibility to manage our time, and complete each of our parts with high quality. Our model had to do with world population trends and how the finite number of earth’s resources, can lead to the extinction of humans. We could have been more creative in developing the model and thinkin gof outher factors of population. I could have reflected on and refined the model, perhaps we wouldn’t get a linear model, we could present and incorporate elements of linear graphing. Overall, the all core competencies were used in the project, but I can work to develope my skills in some areas. Using more creative thinking and reflection in future real-world modeling in mathematics.