Gr. 10 Electives

Semester 1: Metalwork

I took metal work because I wanted to use my last few elective choices to try something I would not likely get to try outside of school. I am so glad I did. I loved the course and had so much fun learning to gas weld, MIG weld and use other equipment. Every day I would look forward to trying something new. Even if I didn’t have an exceptional, huge project, I got to try a variety of things I probably won’t get the opportunity to try again. Here are two of the things I made, a gas welded model car and a horseshoe coat hook.

Semester 2: Woodwork

I took wood work with the same idea in mind as metal. I had planned to make a small side, or entry table but because of remote school, we couldn’t finish our projects this year. Instead we did some research based, online work and some cardboard joinery. Still I enjoyed the course and hope to find time to finish the project come September. Here are pictures of the table in progress and my card board bunny.