Social Studies 10

Taking a look at the Socials semester in retrospect, we tried out best. The semester was a bit out of sorts. Not to any fault of an individual but due to the abrupt and disruptive switch to online school. I had a strong start to the semester looking at Canadian 20th century history. But at the end of spring break we knew we would not be returning to in class instruction, and this threw a wrench into the plans of the rest of the semester.

None the less, the semester covered a large part of Canadian history and delved into the identity of Canada and our role on the global stage. The Canadian identify that was strengthened in the 1900’s can also draw parallels in this unfolding piece of history with Covid-19. In my opinion, having a social studies course at a time when much of the current events will be looked back on by similar socials classes in the future, was very interesting.