English 9

Critical Friends: Video Response to a Performance

This is a link to a short podcast reviewing the performance of Act 5 Scene 3, Romeo and Juliet. By Jenny Zhao and Carmen Sagarbarria.


Media Fluency

We created a meaningful video that included both positive points and constructive criticism based on the performances in class. We took thorough notes during all of the presentations and  created a, very short, podcast style commentary. The process of creating the video itself was not a large challenge was the time and comprehension of the criteria.  We turned it into a conversation about the good and the not so good aspects about the performance. We had a balanced of compliments and critique. It was easy to do this with the notes we took and the stylistic approach.

Novelty and Value

With the time crunch that we brought upon ourselves we worked quickly and collaboratively, by brainstorming and building on each others ideas. We used resources that were easily available to us. We used one of the example formats to present our assignment.