The above link is for our Grade 9 Interdisciplinary, Inquiry Project. We looked at the cultures of different ethnicities and tried to connect them to Canadian Identity and the PMSS community.

The part of the project I am most proud of is the research. I did a lot of quality research about African Culture. I used quality sources, such as encyclopedias, to research many different aspects of culture. I researched a broad amount of cultural practices, beliefs, traditional as well as food, history, and geography. I think I improved my research skills during this project, as I had no prior knowledge of African culture. I cited everything in APA style, another new thing I learned.

Next time I would like to improve on time management, by breaking the project up and staying accountable for each portion. I could have created a more interesting presentation or added interviews or surveys as part of our connection to Community and Identity. I would have liked to make the connection to the theme stronger, with examples and evidence of current, relevant events. I am happy with how the project turned out, but there are many things I would like to improve on or do differently next time.