Gr. 9 Electives

Once again, this reflection is being written in tenth grade. I wanted to look back on my grade nine year and the elective opportunities I had. 

Semester 1: Photography

Complementary Colour photos

Frozen puddles of leaves

In photography I learned to use diverse camera settings for desired effects, take different artistic and practical photos, use Photoshop to enhance photos and create visual effects and work with colour theory and artistic styles. I learned about functions of cameras and editing soft ware and was able to have lots of fun and take some amazing photos.


Semester 2: Power Technology

Power Tech is a difficult course to explain. Looking back, there are more demanding courses that are more academic, creative or hands-on. This course gave me a break from a busy course load and was less productive in some ways. Still I really enjoyed the designing and creating of some cool projects that surrounded topics like engineering and science. The projects I consider most memorable and I am most proud of are the Popsicle stick bridge and the crash test car.


I really liked the bridge building project! we were given only 200 Popsicle sticks and wood glue and a week or so of classes to attempt to build a bridge that could support upward of 115 pounds. May people in my class were very successful. My bridge held a significant amount of weight, more than I expected, before it cracked and broke.

Another project was a crash test car. We were tasked with building a car frame using household items and welding rod. The “cars” were attached to a bottle that was launched with high air pressure on an contraption my teacher designed. The goal was to protects an egg we placed in the car. Though my car failed, I did enjoy building and designing the car and working with unusual and different materials. Overall, the course was fun and I liked some of the Tech-Ed aspects.