Math 9

Media Fluency

With my partner Sean, we completed all of the areas of research outlined in the criteria. We didn’t cover all of the topics too deeply, but we did include things such as tax, gratuity, gas etc. into our costs. Below is our bibliography for the sites we used to research for our trip. We created an info-graphic using and it’s integrated images and icons. As it was our first time using Visme we had a few challenges with uploading the graph and making edits to the data. We were able to create theĀ  info- graphic you see. It contains our budget and cost distributions, key points in our itinerary and some description of our destination.

Core Competency: Generating Ideas

Sean and I worked together to plan our week long trip to Machu Picchu, Peru. We combined, added to and build upon one another’s ideas about where to go, what to do and what to get. we decided where to go nearly randomly, by selecting We tried to use the majority of our budget by upgrading our flight and hotel, allotting money for shopping and adding an unfortunate event to our itinerary. We worked collaboratively and creatively to follow the criteria and incorporate our budget and changes that were randomly chosen.


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