Science 9

Though I am writing this at the beginning of tenth grade, I do remember my final project for Science 9. We hadn’t worked much on Edublogs at the time, so I am writing a post-course reflection on my final exam.

For the final project, instead of writing and exam we were tasked with creating a 100 question multiple choice test, encompassing anything and everything we had covered in the course. we were given a lot of notice and time management became important. I started and kept on track with creating questions and possible answers through out the course but still found a lot needed to be done when the due date came around. I broke the questions up fairly well, with a few more questions in areas we spent more time on and areas I had more confidence in, I also added some questions about fun facts we had talked about or mentioned in class. I tried to keep the test fair and relevant to the curriculum and material. what I struggled with most was formatting. With numbering questions as well as possible answer (a through e), and including and answer key, I had to many lists and bullets that I had to add some by hand. Trying to make everything uniform was difficult but I was happy with the end result and think it may even be a good review quiz before I start Science 10.