Social Media and Me


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Digital Footprint

When I googled my first and last name, I couldn’t find anything with me in it. I expected this because I never used my face or real name in much other than in texting and stuff. I use a made up username for everything, so if I looked it up on apps I use the username on, it’ll pop up (obviously)


a) My digital footprint might affect my personal brand and future opportunities because if I posted something mean or stupid, it can be traced back to me. Cyber bullying is a good example of something that’s a bad idea, and can easily be traced back to someone. My face can also appear on google images if I’m not careful enough, which can also be used to trace stuff on me. People can also create “deep fakes,” which is when someone uses pictures of your face and puts it on other people’s faces. Deep fakes can look very realistic if the software has enough to work off of. People like social media influencers and celebrities can easily get targeted with deep fakes. People can also take samples of your voice and create a sentence that can affect your reputation possibly forever. Many things are out there to ruin people’s reputation, even people that look just like someone else can use that to ruin someone’s reputation. Employers can tell who you are if you have your name or face on anything online, and depending on what it is. It’s better to be very careful with what you say or do online. It can affect your future otherwise, even if someone frames you for something, since it’ll be hard to prove you didn’t do or say something.

b) There are many strategies to keep your digital footprint appropriate. One strategy is to keep negative thoughts about someone to yourself, even online. If people know your usernames, they can find what you commented on other people’s posts. Being careful with what you say is one of the best things you can do, because anyone can find out if they know where to look. Another strategy is to avoid posting pictures you don’t want someone like your parents to see. You wouldn’t want someone you send a picture you don’t want anyone else seeing sending it to everyone, right? It’s best to either show an image in person that you don’t want to be shared, or don’t bother showing it at all. If you really want to, make sure nobody knows your account username. Pictures posted can also reveal where you live if you aren’t careful enough to either blur street names/addresses, or it’s a very well known place. So if you do post images that include location names, make sure to blur or black them out. The last strategy is to make sure you don’t share login information, or not to make a password too easy. If you don’t keep your information safe, someone can log on to your account and damage your reputation. A simple way to keep information safe is to have a secure password that would be hard to guess. If it’ll be hard to remember, hide a note with the password in a secure spot to come back to if you forget.

c) Digital permeance is when something on the internet cannot be removed, no matter what you do. How I would explain this to a child is how when you put something online, it can stay there forever, no matter what. The internet is more dangerous than you would think. If I were to explain to my grandma, I can’t, since I cant fluently speak Romanian, but lets say I know Romanian fluently. I would tell my grandma that when you put information online, especially very private information, it might not go away, even if you try to remove it. I would explain to my teachers that if you post stuff, especially with students and their information without consent, they might discover it and it might be too late by then, it could be everywhere by then. Even their own information can get posted over and over. We should be aware of this concept because if we don’t be careful, anyone will figure out stuff such as where you live, your school/workplace, etc.

Favourite Quote

“Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that who cares?… He’s a mile away and you’ve got his shoes!” – Billy Connolly

I just found this on a list of quotes and liked it. I like it because it’s funny. I also like how the first half is saying to not judge someone until you know what they’re going through, then the second part comes out of nowhere.