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Social Media and Me Either Office or WordPress is not letting me embed the presentation for some reason. I made a Sway because it is simple, and it se (More)
Marketing & Entrepreneurship Spring Market Reflection
I worked with Athena Cai for this smallNORMOUS business “project”. Together we created a small business to operate at the Spring Market at PMSS. Our business was called “Cloccs and Bloccs” and we sold… painted clocks and photo-transfer wooden bloccs. (More)
Matej. “White Paper With Be Yourself Everyone Else Is Already Taken Print.”  (More)
Image with Impact
Yu, Edward. Antelope Canyon, 29 June 2016. I find this image very powerful. M (More)
Iconikmg. YouTube, Pixabay, 30 Aug. 2017, I chose this video because it is relaxing to watch, and it reminds me of something I would take, if I had a good camera. It is a very simple quiet video. It reminds of times when I (More)
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