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Science 9 Spheres Project
Reflection Questions: I want Ms. Mehai to notice the amount of effort I put into this project with my friends (Kai + Dennis) in such a limited timeframe. I am proud of how I managed to pull through even though I had a lot going on around me (More)
DL 10 Digital Footprint Assignment
Link to Google Slides Presentation: (More)
Video that I like
  I like this video because it is a pretty reliable source of information (presumably) while being very entertaining and funny at the same time. The YouTuber who created this video (More)
Image that I like
This is an image that I like because it is a hilarious representation of a glitch that happens in the Civilization Games. The result of this glitch is the result of Gandh (More)
Favourite Quote(s)
"High school is not a conventional war, it is one of attrition. There are no winners, just those who survive and those who lose." - Unknown I like this quote because it really describes the situation I am currently in. Someone told me it once, I d (More)
Quote to Live By
This is a beautiful quote, credited to multiple individuals. A quote to live by, the meaning behind the combination of words is to adapt. Sometimes, we can't do anythin (More)
Image with Impact
This image represents me as an individual and describes my values of life. Portrayed is a sleek, modern concept design—the Jaguar C-X16. A sketch of an idea. (More)
YouTube Clip
This channel is perhaps one of my favourites on YouTube. They're always coming out with exceptional videos for car enthusiasts like me, and I appreciate that. Their attention to detail and (More)
Holiday Bazaar Reflection
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