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YouTube Clip
This video is a spoken word talking about the severity of climate change, and Prince Ea informs us how we are destroying the only home we have. The first time I watched this video was in English class when we watched various examples of slam poetry (More)
Image with Impact
  This image is meaningful to me because it shows the importance of friendship and selflessness. I like this image because it represents how we care for one another, and the importance of being kind. It has taught me the value of kindness and (More)
A Meaningful Quote
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." -Winston Churchill. This is a quote said by Winston Churchill, who was the prime minister of the United Kingdom. The quote basically states that there will alwa (More)
Image With Impact
This image galvanized me into action. It shows the severity of global warming as glaciers starts to melt. If we don't take action all the water resulting from melted glaciers will engulf almost 20 percent of the land we have now away! More)
Youtube Clip
This Video encapsulates my childhood passion on magnetism. It reminds me of what I've created 3 years ago and shows my perpetual desire for innovation and learning! Source: More)
A quote that means something to me...
Through seeing this quote, I realized the importance of helping others out. Bystanders are the real people that cause destruction to civilizations. The ones who don't take any actions or are really passive under situations, are the ones who could hav (More)
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