Digital Learning/Science 9: Carbon Emissions

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1. Are you surprised by any of the data? If so, what are the surprises. If not, why not?

I was surprised that Romania had lowered its carbon emissions from 1990-2016. The decrease was substantial, as its total carbon emissions was halved. Another thing that surprised me was that the carbon emissions from U.S.A. were big from the start and grew only a little in 26 years.

2. What do you think the prospects are for future generations?

If the other countries follow the lead of Romania, they could lower carbon emissions until they no longer strongly contributed to climate change. The problem with this is that most countries are still developing and need the factories to start up their economy, or things related to carbon emission is too important to their economy. Another problem is that it may be already too late to stop climate change, and we’ll need to prepare for the worst.

By creating and looking at these graphs I see that almost all countries are producing more and more carbon emissions every year. However, countries have begun to stay at a certain level of carbon emissions after the Paris agreement, which is a good sign. Hopefully this means that once all countries peak, they can go forward and lower their emissions in the future.

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war.

This is the quote that starts most Warhammer 40,000 books (Such as; There is Only War, Gaunt’s Ghosts series, etc.). This one sentence fits the universe of the entire Warhammer 40,000 extremely well. Humanity has fallen from it’s golden age, the xenos follow their own paths for their own survival, and Chaos conspires to throw everything into chaos (of course).

Abnett, D. (1999) Last and Only. Nottingham: Black Library

Digital Learning: Data Communication (Scatter Graphs)

Answers to Questions:

1.What relationship do you expect to see between the latitudes of the weather stations and the mean temperatures? Plot the data on excel spreadsheet to verify your prediction.

I expect that the temperature will drop as the weather stations are located higher in latitude

2.According to the line of best fit, what average temperature would you expect at a latitude of 52 degrees North.

I would expect the latitude to be 49.6 degrees for the mean temperature to be 18 degrees for July

3. At what latitude would you expect a mean temperature of 18 degrees Celsius for July?

According to the line of best fit, the average temperature at a latitude of 52 should be 16.5 degrees.

  • By collaborating with other people I learned that you can make a line graph into a scatter graph, which is what I did here. First I created the line graph, and then I clicked the line setting off, from there I clicked add line of best fit and this is how this graph was created. My personal understanding of the data is that as the latitude of the weather stations get higher, the temperature drops. From what I have learned before this is because less sunlight reaches the areas closer to the poles (North and South). The group that I talked with all had similar ideas so it strengthened my understanding of the data.


  • The graph is a little small so the data labels for each weather stations are a bit tight, but otherwise it makes sense. I added more numbers in between the axis to make the graph easier to read, so the data is more objective. In order to make the graph more objective, the data could have shown weather stations every few latitudes, such as the temperature every latitude, that way, the line of best fit would be more exact and easier to predict temperatures at other latitudes.

Lupin III

One of my favorite songs by Yuji Ohno. The genre jazz has inspired me to learn how to play the saxophones, which I’ve played for over 3 years. The song combines all of the older versions of the song so you can hear traces of the older Lupins. That’s one of the reasons I like this song so much.

Melodic Irony (2018, September, 5). Lupin III Part 5 OP FULL「LUPIN TROIS 2018」by Yuji Ohno & Lupintic Six [Video File]. Retrieved from

Harlequin Shadowseer

A model of my favorite faction in my favorite wargame, the Shadowseer, part of the faction called the Harlequins. Which are one of the strangest of all the splinter groups of the Aeldari. “These lightning-fast warrior acrobats make no distinction between war and theatrical art. Mysterious worshippers of the Laughing God, Cegorach, these acrobatic warrior-performers employ breath-taking speed and skill when acting out ritual tales for their kin, and these talents find even more use when the Harlequins fall upon their foes on the battlefield.” (Quote from 

Games Workshop. Harlequin Shadowseer [Online Image]. Retrieved November 6, 2018 from