My Favourite Youtube Video

Most people don’t know this about me, but I really enjoy SCP content (by the way, if you’re curious about this stuff, don’t dig in if you’re squeamish). I enjoy listening to this youtuber’s content while working, and this is probably my favourite scp that The Exploring Series has posted so far. It mixes in most of the genres that I like, and it consistently amazes me how good this video is, but I have yet to read the official article on this masterpiece of literature.

Image of Impact

9 Tips for Photographing Mountain Lake Reflections

Sometimes I enjoy trying to transport my mind to an image (for example, I’ll try simulating me in that image, and create some sort of 3D model in my head that makes sense). I find it quite fun, and sometimes it can feel pretty real. I don’t know if that’s good or not, but there you go, you know one more thing about me now

A Meaningful Quote

“Boredom always proceeds a period of great creativity” -Robert M. Pirsig

I find this quote meaningful (not really, I just found this on the internet a few minutes ago) because it shows that people are limiting their thinking by staring at their screens all day. I sometimes find it really helpful to just do nothing (or as I said in my bio, walking around _____________), as it helps me calm down and let my thoughts flow. I think others, when they have time, should also do something similar to this.