An impactful image

This structure, named “support”,  was created by an Italian sculptor in order to warn people about the impact of rising sea levels. This severe issue has been expressed by Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn, through his new structure outside the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel, a 14th-century Byzantine-Gothic style building, and a cultural landmark for the city of Venice.  The sculpture is of a pair of two enormous hands emerging from the Grand Canal to hold up the hotel. They grasp a corner of the building in such a way, suggesting the hands are trying to keep the hotel from drowning in the Canal. There is another, darker side to this amazing piece of artwork, which we can understand just by observation. They represent a physical form of the rising sea levels, erupting out from the Canal and threatening to drown and destroy the hotel from where it stands. The structure will stand until the 26th of November, but its message will remain for much longer.

My youtube clip/one of my favourite songs

Here is one of my favourite songs at the moment. It’s an R&B style Kpop (Korean pop) song by the South Korean singer “Dean”, who was able to compose a relatable but relaxing song to listen to. The song talks about his social media ‘addiction’, hence the name being “Instagram”, and the music video has an old school nostalgic to it. Because It’s so relaxing to listen and jam to, it’s tied as one of my favourite songs, coming going head to head with Park Jimin’s (another Kpop artist’s) “Promise”. This is a perfect song for me to study to, as the language sung is in another language, meaning I won’t focus to much on the lyrics.