Social media and me

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I chose to use a video as my form of creative expression. This is something that I am not very familiar with and this particular app, Inshot, was indeed something I had never used before. I feel like in this situation, using a video is the easiest way to both get your point across and keep your audience entertained. Within my video, I was able to use critical thinking to decipher fact, interpretations, opinions and judgements. For the majority of the video, I am explaining my thoughts and opinions on the situation(s) and scenes. I was able to analyze the evidence from the view of a fellow media obsessed teen (Section 2) and a analyst, viewing differences and similarities between the world created and our current society (Section 3)


IB Math 9 Vacation project


This project challenged both my film and presentation skills, but also my mathematical skills and practical skills such as making important decisions and being flexible to alter plans. Throughout this interesting combined project between math and digital learning, my group and I have used many different competencies. The most prominent competency we used was creative thinking, which was used both during the development stage and the filming stage. When challenged with having to split at first only a thousand dollars between four people, we were able to think creatively and while other groups stayed in hotels, we decided to get close and personal with nature and camp at an RV campground. This way, we were able to save money for more important aspects such as food and gas. Although camping, especially during the winter times, doesn’t seem like the best idea, we were able to put a creative spin on our video and make it interesting and enticing for viewers, increasing the chance that they feel they want to go on this specific vacation. We worked with the resources we had, and made creative changes throughout the way, like how we had to improvise to film a snowshoeing scene. I was able to do my share by bringing the tent we had to film with as well as acting, filming, and making the voiceovers for our video. I also was able to help organize the group and set dates for our filming. I took responsibility for finishing my part of the project by making sure I had everything I needed on filming day and organizing what we were going to film each day.” allowfullscreen style=”border:none;

Borrowed clips:

network, metador. “Whistler Villiage.” YouTube, 2014,

(clips of the village and driving) (Brandywine falls) (Snowboarding scene)

Websites used/citations: (Whistler RV campground) (determining distance for gas price) (Ski lift pricing, snowshoeing and sledding prices) (Whistler library) (Brandywine falls) (Olympic rings)


An inspiring quote

One of my favourite quotes is as follows: “A little progress each day leads up to big succession”-Robert Collier, as this quote fills me with motivation. To me, this means that if you are able to make progress each day, no matter big or small, it takes you one step closer to reaching your goal. This proves to be a great motivator, as no matter where you are in life, it can apply to you. This quote also is something that I think of when I dread doing a task, like preparing for tests, as an example.

An impactful image

This structure, named “support”,  was created by an Italian sculptor in order to warn people about the impact of rising sea levels. This severe issue has been expressed by Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn, through his new structure outside the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel, a 14th-century Byzantine-Gothic style building, and a cultural landmark for the city of Venice.  The sculpture is of a pair of two enormous hands emerging from the Grand Canal to hold up the hotel. They grasp a corner of the building in such a way, suggesting the hands are trying to keep the hotel from drowning in the Canal. There is another, darker side to this amazing piece of artwork, which we can understand just by observation. They represent a physical form of the rising sea levels, erupting out from the Canal and threatening to drown and destroy the hotel from where it stands. The structure will stand until the 26th of November, but its message will remain for much longer.

My youtube clip/one of my favourite songs

Here is one of my favourite songs at the moment. It’s an R&B style Kpop (Korean pop) song by the South Korean singer “Dean”, who was able to compose a relatable but relaxing song to listen to. The song talks about his social media ‘addiction’, hence the name being “Instagram”, and the music video has an old school nostalgic to it. Because It’s so relaxing to listen and jam to, it’s tied as one of my favourite songs, coming going head to head with Park Jimin’s (another Kpop artist’s) “Promise”. This is a perfect song for me to study to, as the language sung is in another language, meaning I won’t focus to much on the lyrics.