Science Quotes Activity

“The good thing about science is the it’s true whether or not you believe in it”-Neil deGrasse Tyson

Although this quote presents the harsh reality of science it is the simple truth. Whether we believe or not, science establishes a law which personal beliefs and values build upon. This means that no matter what personal beliefs and values outweigh your scientific beliefs, there will forever only be one truth. For instance, you don’t have to believe in gravity to fall. The laws of science and nature just work, and they don’t rely on faith. Science isn’t much about belief, but more about observation, such as when something is shown to be true, false, or incorrect, a new truth is generated and replaces the latter, even if this process disagrees with some. When people have strong personal opinions, science conflicts with their value and the firm facts that are presented. As another example, climate change has stirred up quite the controversy. Although many reliable news sources have solid proof that climate change is indeed, true and progressing, ┬ámany people are still denying the fact that climate change exists because they simply can not wrap their head around the concept of Climate Change, as the crisis just feels wrong to them. This denial occurs, and instead of making us want to take action against climate change, we resist the though of it.