About me

Hello, my name is Grace Murphy and i'm in grade 9. I play Softball and Rugby.i like to hangout with friends and i also like to make new friends too. Some are my favourite things to on my free time is to listen to music, eat, play with my dog, and hangout with friends. I have three sisters and two brothers, and i'm the youngest out of all of them, but three of them are moved out so its just three in the house now. 
That't me!

My favourite quote

My favourite quote is “your secrets are safe with me..i wasn’t even listening”

I first heard this quote from a friend in grade 6, and i thought it was so funny. Also i’m good at keeping secrets because i forget about them very quickly, but sometimes that a good thing, because i don’t want to tell anyone about the secret.

My favourite video

this is my favourite video if of the T.V show The Office. I found this episode very very funny. In this video Micheal is trying to teach Jim and Dwight how to be more proper when making sale calls. This is one of my favourite scenes Because Jim is making it very hard for Dwight to make a fake sales call.