My Science Fair Project

My science project is “what formula makes the best bottle rocket.” My partner Rebecca and i were going to test different methods to see which one made the bottle go the highest. Formula 1. Mentos and Coca cola. 2. Vinegar and baking soda. 3. dry ice and warm water. They way we would have measured was going to be by standing next to the same street light to see which one would go the highest. This topic was interesting to me because i did not know that were was many different ways to make a bottle rocket.

Explore Science: "Water Bottle Rockets" | Mahwah Public Library

My Science Quote

Isaac-Asimov-Quotes-2.jpg (2000×1162)

To me this quote by Isaac Asimov, represents that science finds new discovers everyday. Yet people still do the same things like drive a car everywhere use a lot of plastic. Even though science as told us that we are ruining out world. People are not grasping the idea that science is a fact. Not an opinion, Science knows what may be destroying our home. Yet we choose to almost ignore it. I Chose this quote because i read a short story by Isaac Asimov, and i liked the way he put his words on to the page. Also to show his thoughts made the book more inciting. The book was about school in the future, and reading it was outstanding to me. Because they way he was thinking about the future, was a way i never thought of.



About me

My name is Hannah Murphy, i love playing basketball, softball and volleyball

i have five siblings. I believe that i am hard working and i like spending free time with my friends. I also have a dog named Teddy. My older sister Jessie has two kids, Sofia and Leone. They are two years apart and they are very fun to talk to.

My favourite Quote

Image result for michael scott quotesThis is my favorite quote because its really funny and i can kinda relate to it, Michael is my favorite character from the office. The quote is just so weird and unbelievable. Michael is the regional Manager in the office and he can not be happy, unless everyone liked him. He wants people to think of him as a friend first, then a boss.

My favourite Video

i like this video because it makes me laugh. It was a video on you-tube that my dad showed me when it first came out a few years ago, and i never forgot about it. The video is a skit of a man Scott Sterling the goalie, blocking every ball with his head. He still manages to block every single one with his head.