My science quote

My favorite science quote is from Isaac Asimov:

The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.            – Isaac Asimov (author and biochemist, 1920-1992)



I think the quote is good because science is accelerating the development of the society. Scientist are most often the wisest mind in the human society. Society gain person experience and social wisdom and skills, but science gain you knowledge quicker than society gain you wisdom. Science is developing very fast, as more knowledge is discovered, more problems will unfold, but human intelligence haven’t improve for he past thousands of year. Human once went on  the moon, but they didn’t because they fear something would happen, the fear was a signification of unknown knowledge that people doesn’t have enough wisdom to solve. Asimov as a sci-fi writer, he was very foresighted, I agree with him.


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Math Finacial Leteracy Project

Here is the VideoI can work with others to achieve our goal, I did my share by:

I organized and assigned the mission to my crew members. In addition I helped with the budget part.

I tool responsibility for finishing my part of this group project by:

I Googled the destination of our project, organized a good route and schedule. According to the route and destination, I booked a hotel with a decent price. Then I did the  calculation and got the total cost of our trip. Then I wrote the script for the narration. And Daniel did the narrating and Aiden did the editing.


Favorite Picture

My favorite picture was shot on my 15th birthday, I was lucky that one of my classmates had the asme birthday as I do, it was memorable. They has always been my best friends. Some of them cried at that day because they know that I’m gonna study in Canada. My parents helped took this picture.


Favorite quote

My favorite quote is from a famous Chinese classic, called “I Ching” , which I already knew when I was five and the quote has always been my principle.

The quote is ” The movement of heaven is full of power.Thus the superior man makes himself strong and untiring.”

This quote ecourages men to be positive, active, and change their lives. Besides that, I tells you to be tolerent, to adapt all people and all stuff.