Assignment 1: my favourite quote

quote: “You are either part of the solution or part of the problem” Eldridge Cleaver

This quote does not have quite as much meaning to me, but it is very true. I heard my teachers used to say it a lot as they wanted us to cintirbute to something. This is important in real life too as people have to contribute or else they will just waste material and space. Eldridge Cleaver was a political writer and black activist who stood for the rights of black people.


Assignment 1: my favourite picture

Image result for spongebob meme

This photo is a picture of a spongbob meme. Though I don’t personally think it is all that funny I like memes. As a child I used to watch Spongebob and the episodes were extremely funny, stupid, entertaining and I could spend hours on it. Even though the TV series has ended, it probably had a lasting impression in many people. The SpongeBob mocking chicken meme originated in an episode where whenever he sees a plaid he becomes a chicken.  I just really like SpongeBob and this picture shows how bizarre SpongeBob can be sometimes.

assignment 1: my favourite video

This is my favourite video. I really enjoyed the video because it provided a detailed analysis of how the immune system works. Yet it is still quite simple and relatively easy to understand. The animations, are very unique and the video is educational yet interesting. This video has racked up 15 million views and has been published for 5 years. This is part 1 of the 2 Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell published and I also recommend you checking out part two and all the rest of the videos. The Youtube channel has almost reached 10 million subscribers and almost all their videos a more than 1 millions views.

about me

My name is Kevin I’m in and I go to school in sd43. My hobbies include playing badminton, basketball, playing video games, reading and many more. I also have a smaller sister and brother and I live with my parents. My favourite colour is blue and I enjoy hanging out with my friends and make the most out of my time. I look forward to high school and hope to make memorable experiences