My Digital Footprint

-Google myself, what do I find?

From watching a video and modules about the footprint, I thought about my ¬†footprint on online network services and social media. I think my footprints comes across to others easily because from my experience, some youth student don’t understand how easy it is for us to add footprints to the online services. Also, by google my self, I realize that sometimes I don’t mind about it but from the information, I thought I would pay more attention from now on.


-Answering the following questions:

a. How might your digital footprint affect your personal brand and future opportunities for post secondary? How might it affect your job prospects? Why is it important to be aware of one’s digital footprint?

My digital footprint definitely might affect my personal brand and future opportunities for post secondary. If I leave a digital footprint, I might face a risk. My personal data can be share to developer without aware sometimes. Therefore, if my important information leaks to someone, that information can be misused by someone. If this happens, it may have an adverse effect on the future opportunities. There is also a negative impact on my personal brand.¬†By being aware of one’s digital footprint and prevent this situations is very important.


b. Describe at least three strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe. Explain why each strategy is important or valuable. Explain how you would implement the strategy.

1. Privacy setting

Think and doing the privacy settings is important. It can prevent your personal datas will share to someone. Smartphone is a personal device. Perform personal settings and consider the possibility of leakage of personal information from other applications.

2. Tagged pictures

Tagged pictures can aware my personal informations to someone. For example, if I post a picture with a tag, my location at a particular date and time will be aware to everyone. Therefore, I have to pay attention and consider about it carefully when I post. Also, if there are other people in the photo, I have to have a permission. If I do not, my friend’s personal informations will aware, too.

3. social media

One way is not to write personal information that anyone can see on my own social media. A digital footprint once uploaded to the Internet is difficult to erase. I think it is important to consider these things.


c. What is digital Permanence? How would you explain the idea of “digital permanence” to younger kids? To your grandmother? To your teachers? Why should we care and be aware of this concept?

I think digital permanence means how long the digital footprint will remain on the internet. The digital footprint will remain on the Internet for a long time just like these words exist. When explaining to a younger kids, translate this into a simple wording. When explaining to others, I can also change this to make easier to understand. In addition, adding extra information will help to explain.