My Favourite Youtube Video

I watch YouTube a lot, and I’ve watched videos of all kinds. To be honest, I like a lot of them and it is hard to pick a favourite. Many videos from Vox are among my favourites because of their format and how they entertain and teach at the same time. I really like the graphics as well, but the reason I chose this specific video is because of the subject. I inherited the interest for aviation from my dad, and this video taught me a lot of new things about it. The two crashes were, and still are big news and they affect many people to this day. (The second crash actually happened when my family and I were flying above the ocean and we didn’t find out until we landed and were waiting for a second flight.) It made the problem easier to understand, and yet it wasn’t too boring.

My Favourite Quote

Image result for life is like riding a bicycle

My favourite quote is one from none other than Albert Einstein. The reason I like this quote is the message it sends and how it applies to almost everyone on the planet. I believe everyone has either had some bumps and hard times in their lives or is going to in the future, but in order to recover, we have got to move on. I have certainly had harder times in my life, and I think this quote would have been useful then. I’m sure it would make a difference for someone today.


My Favourite Photo

While I don’t have a specific Image result for picture of sky from planephoto that is my absolute favourite, photos like this are definitely one of my favourites. I like this photo not because of how it looks, but because of what it represents to me. It represents the view I have whenever I fly somewhere new. I love to travel to new places where I have never been and I am very lucky to be able to. Flying to me means freedom and represents my passion for travel.