My Digital Footprint

When I searched up my name on the internet, I could not find anything. But, when I searched up Facebook user, it showed a few pictures of me that I posted in the past. Beside those, I was not able to find anything.

a. First, I think the digital footprint is data that is left behind by the user. When you are applying for job, it is crucial for people to see what you has posted in the past. They also can see what’s you’re interests, and other things. So, you should always be careful of what you post and what you write online for future purposes. Cause they can tell what’s your personalities from your posters .For example, if you have ever post something like smooking or being drunk. All these things will affect your job prospect.

b.First Strategy: Beware of one’s activity online. Knowing that sending something is like publishing forever. Also, be aware of the websites one visit because it will all be recorded. When commenting online, the messages should not be offensive, racist, or sexist.

Second Strategy: Tagged pictures can aware my personal informations to someone. Fore example, if I post a picture with a tag, my location at a particular date and time will be aware to everyone. Therefore, I have to pay attention and consider about it carefully when I post. Also, is there are other people in the photo, I have to have a permission. If I do not, my friend’s personal information will aware, too.

Third Strategy: Think and doing the privacy setting is important. It can prevent your personal datas will share to someone. Smartphone is a personal device. Perform personal settings and consider the possibility of leakage of personal information from other applications.

c.Simply put, digital permanence is basically how wats of storing data has developed and the permanence of didital data. It is how long data is stored for on digital media and ensuring how long the data can be held on media while staying viable. To a child, I would explain it as how long something can stay online for while still being retrievable. To a teacher I would use the above definition, and to a senior I would explain it as how long something can last on the internet for ever, while still being viable. Thus, we should always be aware of what we put out there.


Favorite quote

My favorite quote is ” Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon. ” This is the motto of Paul George. And this sentence has inspired me to keep challenging myself. Cause there is actually no limit to what you can do. Just keep pushing youself , do the best , and the sky will be like nothing to you.