Science fair: Supposed “Magnetic levitation”Lift

Why did I decide to build a magnetic levitation lift?

My research question originally was: How did magnetic levitation train changed our work, and where else it could be applied to?

I have long been interested in magnetic levitation trains. So at first I intend to build a mini magnetic levitation train track. But then I figure a train is not that original, and it will be better if I have something a little more creative. After much thought I had the idea of a magnetic-levitation gondola for transporting cargos. It’s suppose to use magnet’s same poles retract each other property to achieving transporting cargo with magnet attached to it.

This is a picture of my design:

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic I could not finish lift as I had originally planed. And without strong enough magnet I could not achieve the levitation part. However I did finish making the lift. With the use of pulley to which I learned from:

Wikipedia contributors. (2020, March 19). Pulley. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 15:11, April 8, 2020, from

This is the steps I took to build the lift is  all in this link:

Lift Machinary (1)Science fair

Here’s is also a video of me demonstrating how the lift work.

There is just one problem. I first designed this machine to transport magnet, but because I couldn’t get any, I now just ended up with a two lift and some strings. Where in life could that be applied. It wasn’t till recently when I was reading online that I found a use for my machine. The following is the article I read translated to English from Chinese: The people living in remote areas in Southern China by the bank of NuJiang , the great river, many years ago devised a way to cross the treacherous water in which they still do today. They would hang on to a handle and it would slide them to the other side providing the cliff on one side is higher. But such transportation is very dangerous, if the handle get stuck or if the slope between the two cliff is equal height then the people could get trapped mid-way.In some serious cases, the rope weakened by the prolonged pressure snaps, and almost no one survived the fall. Though nowadays bridges were built in that region, some people still attempt this method of travelling through the most violent tributary of Nujiang river, where no outside contact had been made. (This website is from: https://baike.

This is when my machine comes I handy. With the size of it increased and electrically powered, people could travel to any cliff just by  rolling up the rope on the other side. There would be no stuck in the middle situation either. Eventually this could become a light sport for tourist too, watching the river below as the rope drags them from bank to bank. See the source image

Over all it has been a  successful project , in that I found meanings to making my innovation benefit others. The working process was very enjoyable and I managed to learn a lot of things in the process. I wish there were more project like this in the future.

Science Quotes activity

My science quote              Made by:Nick

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less. 

Image result for marie curie
Main, Douglas. “This Famous Photo Isn’t Actually Of Marie Curie.” Business Insider, Accessed 30 Jan. 2020.

       ― Marie Curie (physicist and chemist, 1867 – 1934) 

I particularly enjoyed reading this quote from Marie Curie. I like this quote  is based on two point. Firstly, Marie Curie is an exceptional female scientist whom I have great respect. Most importantly, however is the idea that grabs my attention, the idea of fear. The fear of human is usually drawn towards the unknown. For example, ancient people in Greece were afraid of storms and other natural catastrophes believing that it was god’s punishment upon the people. After the advancement of science, they knew that such nature events happen every so often and bad weather conditions could be predicted. Thus, lowering the endangerment of human life and processions afflicted by by vile weathers. Marie Curie tells us that a unknown becomes known it will not be as scary as when no one know what it is. I strongly agree with her on that.

Social Media and Me Asighnment #3

Social Media and Me Asighnment3                                                                       Made by:   Nick

Have five!!!

The following is my Social media and me power point I hoe you enjoy reading it and I am really happy to share my findings with everyone!

This is the PDF file of the PowerPoint click below( sorry the name is a little weird):

pdf songpao

Have a wonderful day!


This is the references of my PPT in social media and me. I did not include this citation in the PPT so I made a document independently that goes with the PPT( pictures that were used and the Ted talk, two videos and the article). please look it over it’s done in APA stlye.

Thank you so much.



Digital Footprint project from Nick, Assighment #2

The following is what I learned about digital foot prints, and my answer to the three questions.

small digital Footprint can turn into bid ones!



Q. How might your digital footprint affect your personal brand and future(e.g. school and work)opportunities? Why is it important to be aware of one’s digital footprint? Give at least two examples.

Answers: When a school(University) and company are able to trace your footprint ( search your name on social media is a possible way of dong so) on line. They can deduce  from your post what kind of person you are and what’s your personality simply by looking through the post and image that you shared. From all these information they could also found out if you have any violent or criminal preference. So it is very important to be aware of ones digital footprint and that we are sending positive message, because if the school or the company do come across something that will darken your history. They might have second thought of taking you in as a student or an employee. There for it is possible that a perfect opportunity will slip out of your hands.

One example that shows that we have to think twice before we post anything is when a university finds that a student applying had once through social media posted an image that shows direct racism. The university rejects this student even if he gets a good mark in the test. Another example that demonstrated this point is a manager of a very prominent respectable corporation who googled an applicant’s account and noticed that he had once threatened someone in one of his comments on a social platform. After much thought he does not accept that employee for fear of a public disgrace on his company’s reputation if rumours starts to corculate.

Q. How would you explain the idea of “Digital permanence” to anyone in your spheres of influence: other students, your family members, your teachers, etc.? Why should we care and be aware of this concept?

Answers: Digital permanence is referring all the data that had been stored and kept in the computer. These data shows what website you visited (sometime in the form of a cookie “A combination of numbers and letters that were sent to the computer in order to save the website) the information about your self that you submitted to a website in order to create an account or to transfer money. These data will stay in the computer forever unless you delete them.

A Cookie!



We should be aware of these permanent data because they could let the advertiser discover what are your needs and where your commercial interest lies. By knowing these crutial facts they will send Ads to you acoording to your likings. A far  more important reason to know about the concept of Digital permanence is that from the many information about yourself you give to various websites. Unwanted “third person” could link the information from all those sites(The sites you give private information into) together to create a detailed file that contains a lot of your personal info. So in this way our privacy is greatly affected.

Q. Describe at least three strategies(e.g. consider passwords, cookies, security, etc)that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe.

Firstly, when you post some thing, think if the comment you are making can hurt someone or can make things bad against you. This is very important because university examiner some time check you on social media to determine your personality. A positive posting habit can make a good impression for yourself.

The second way to keep your digital footprint safe is to use some privacy protecting website or app to help you protect your information from becoming public, and it also helps to block out advertisement.  one of the privacy keeping app is called ” Ghostery ” and there are a lot of other  app that does the same thing.

The third way to make your digital footprint more private is to go on to one’s Browser settings and click on the option “Send a ‘do not track’ request with your browsing traffic” or such and the system will automatically secure some of youe data. Though there is no garantee that your personal information is compleltely safe.

The Last way to keep one’s digital footprint appoperriate is avoiding mentioning your own name, address, phone numbers,the school you attend.Don’t sometime even show where you have been. If such information are traced by someone who is upto no good they could learn every thing that is important about you. For instance, your living habit, your income, what place you visit often. Those things could lead to some really serious issues.

When I googled myself and here is what I found.

I googled my Chinese name.I first tried the Chinese version written in Chinese then typed in the English spelling of it which is pronounced as “LicunWang”. Other than founding the name in an article about a member  of an old Chinese people club in America and the name of a general appearing in an old Chinese book written in the Qing Dynasty(The last dynasty in China, there is a lot of information on google about it, I wouldn’t say much here.) I can’t find anything that had the least connection to me. I go and looked at “images” and still couldn’t find anything.

The two main reason that I couldn’t find any thing about me is because first my Chinese name is already very rare so there are few people who even shares my name. Secondly, I do not use any social media except” We chat”( A Chinese social media), so there isn’t a  good chance that my post and my image in a Chinese social media could end up in google.

In Conclusion, the key to be a safe internet user can be rounded up in two point. First, think before we act, when we are posting or paying. Is that gonna reveal my information, is this appropriate etc. Second, be cautious of every thing concerning the internet, don’t put too much trust on anybody.

Thank you for letting me share these information with you.





My favourite Video

My favourite video is from the very end of End Game. (Many may have seen)It’s really good because of all the defeat the avengers had suffered, many were killed or have disappeared. At the end they were able to rise up, united. No matter where they came from and what differences they had. Fighting for a cause not yet destroyed I think this part really touched me.

My favourite quote

 “The voice of the sea it was like a shout, screaming and screaming. And the thing it’s screaming is You …… you have paste instead of brains. Life is immense, Do you get it? Immense!”

——-The Italian traveler (The legend of 1900)

      ‘The legend of 1900″was a great movie and between the characters’ dialog. There were deep meaning  hidden under the beautiful language. This quote conveyed to me that life has infinit possibilities you will never known what you will found beyond this hall way surrounded by mists of mystery unless you encountered it, and stared right into its eyes. Whether troubles or lucks awaited we should not be sad or content with where we are at right now.  Life do not follow a pattern, no one can drive their destiny exactly the way they wanted to.


A Brief Introduction of myself

Dear  students and teachers;

Hello every one,  My name is Nick . I had just started my life as a high school student. In fact, this is only my second year in Canada. Last year I attended in moody middle school. It was then

that I started to enjoy my life here. Port Moody with its special geographic location the inlet of the pacific ocean with the mountains and forest crowning it, produces tons of clean oxygen. Giving life to a diverse number of wild life. is some thing I had never seen before.

On my spare time, I enjoy playing guitar and listening to Audio books (for example Harry potter) Sport is certainly something I like doing as well. I started learning how to swim when I was five. Participating  in the school track team every year.

This is my Edu blog account from now on if you have any questions about me. You can comment below this article. It’s a pleasure to get to know new people through this platform. Have a brilliant weekend!

With all do respect

Nick Wang