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Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less. 

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Main, Douglas. “This Famous Photo Isn’t Actually Of Marie Curie.” Business Insider, Accessed 30 Jan. 2020.

       ― Marie Curie (physicist and chemist, 1867 – 1934) 

I particularly enjoyed reading this quote from Marie Curie. I like this quote  is based on two point. Firstly, Marie Curie is an exceptional female scientist whom I have great respect. Most importantly, however is the idea that grabs my attention, the idea of fear. The fear of human is usually drawn towards the unknown. For example, ancient people in Greece were afraid of storms and other natural catastrophes believing that it was god’s punishment upon the people. After the advancement of science, they knew that such nature events happen every so often and bad weather conditions could be predicted. Thus, lowering the endangerment of human life and processions afflicted by by vile weathers. Marie Curie tells us that a unknown becomes known it will not be as scary as when no one know what it is. I strongly agree with her on that.

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