Favourite Video

My favourite video is “El Empleo”. This award winning short film was directed by Santiago Grasso, the Argentine film director. The title “El Empleo” means “The Employment” in Spanish(his native language). In this video a man is shown waking up and heading to his job, but most of his household items, such as coat racks & tables, are people. When he gets outside typical everyday utilities are also people. When he finally gets to his job it turns out he is also one of these people, because his job is to be a doormat for someone else’s house. I believe this video depicts how we use other people to get our needs, and to get to our goals, but at the same time can be used by other people.

Favourite Quote

My favourite quote is “Nothing in the world can trouble you as much as your own thoughts.”. This a quote by the Indian spiritual leader, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. I believe it means that sometimes when something or someone seems to be annoying, it’s really just your thoughts about them that is annoying you. I believe it could also be saying that sometimes your own thoughts are what brings you down instead of others. I think this is true and that many people can relate to it.

Favourite Picture

My favourite picture is called “Clock”. It is an illustration done by the Polish political art satirist and philosopher, Paweł Kuczyński. In this picture he shows a grandfather clock in a graveyard, with its pendulums and weights replaced by a shovel. The shovel is shown swinging back and forth, digging into an empty grave. I believe this picture is meant to portray the quote, “Time is digging your grave.”.  I think this means we should honour the time that we have and spend it well because it is inevitable and it will come to an end.