Favourite Video


This is my favourite video because my cousin introduced me to this song and it inspired me to play the guitar. it was the first song I learned on the guitar and after I learned it I started going to guitar lessons and found my love for music. Now I play many songs and write my own as well.

Image with Impact

This photo depicts a very young child working and carrying heavy bricks. It reminds me of all of the children in third world countries who have to work to pay off their parent’s debts or have been kidnapped and enslaved. It makes realize how lucky I am to attend school, have a roof over my head, a loving family and to live in a beautiful first world country such as Canada.

My Favourite Quote

My favourite quote is “a simple hello could lead to a million things” i find this quote inspirational because even though I can be loud and extroverted around my friends sometimes hesitate to talk to new people or join new clubs or groups. When I was in grade fiveĀ  I applied to go to late french immersion and got in but I decided not to go because I knew very few people at the school and was scared to make new friends if I had heard and understood this quote when I was in grade five I wouldn’t have been as scared to make new friends.