Assignment 2


I didnt find much on myself other than some pictures that i had taken while on vacation back when i was a little kid. Their were also some pictures of  old cartoons i used to watch when i was little. Other than that it was mostly just random people that i didnt even know.



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a. if you were to post pictures of yourself drinking or partying or doing something illigel then when you want to go out to get a job they can search up your name and find these things and then they would not want to hire you. it can affect your future pretty heavily so you must always be aware of your digital footprint because it can ruin your career or even your life and future.


b. Describe three strategies to keep your your digital footprint safe: you can just not post any pictures and videos of yourself because then you would know that 100% their is nothing bad on you and you should also google yourself first to know if anything that you dont want being out their is out their;  You should use strong passwords so that people cant get into your social media apps and make things that are private, public because if they do it wouldnt be good for reputation; Remember that whatever you post will be out their foreever even if you delete it someone can easily take a screenshot of it and it can be passed around all over the place and you probably wont even realise it.


c. What is digital permanence? Digital permanence is when you do pretty much anything on any digital device like a phone or ipad or laptop/computer. Things you search up or post can stay out their forever. That is why shouldnt ever post something that you wouldnt want your mom to see because these things can affect you when your trying to get a job. If your trying to get a job and you have handed in a resume the employer will most likely google you to see what he can find and if he finds pictures or videos of you doing something innapropiate he wont want you working for him and you wont get hired.


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Favorite quote

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ― Oscar Wilde

I like this quote because it shows that you should enjoy who you are and be the best you can be. Dont try to be someone your not because your scared of what other people think. Dont care what other people think.