Digital Footprint Question#3

Q: How would you explain the idea of “digital permanence” to anyone in your sphere of influence: other students, your family members, your teachers,etc.? Why should we care and be aware of this concept?

Answer: I would explain to them what digital permanence means and that they should be aware and care about it. They should care and be aware of this because I am pretty sure they wouldn’t want something they wouldn’t want to be put up online for a very long period of time or maybe Image result for digital permanenceeven a lifetime.

Digital Footprint Questions#2

Q: Describe at least three strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint safe.Image result for how to make your profile private on instagram

Answer: If you are an Instagram user you can go into the settings and you can change a couple important setting like the one where you keep everything you post private so only your friends/family can see or public so everyone can see and might get put onto google images.Image result for how to lower personalization on google

You can also turn down the personalization bar in the google settings so Google wouldn’t follow you around when you are using the internet as much. You can’t really turn off personalization because it is impossible you can only crank it down bit by bit.

So if somebody is tagging you in some pictures or something you have the choice to un-tag yourself this really helps if you don’t want to get yourself exposed to other people if you don’t Image result for how to untag on instagramwant to get follow a request by random people.

Digital Footprint question#1

Q: How might your digital footprint affect your personal brand and future opportunities? Why is it important to be aware of one’s digital footprint? Give at least two examples.

Answer: If you leave a bad trail behind like posting something bad or inappropriate, people can find and see it. If you are applying for a job at somewhere they might look through your social media, and if they see something bad they might not want you to work for them because they are going to automatically assume that, that’s what you act like in real life. Same with the brand if someone like a buyer, for example, sees your products and is interested in it, they might google you up, and if something bad from the past pops up they might be disgusted and not buy or invest in your brand. The reason why they need to do this is that they need to know that they are hiring the right person because they wouldn’t want there to be controversy after they hired you.