Social Media and Me

Section 1 – Confusion is the point

Social media changes how we feel, the way we think and much more without us really realizing it. Just because someone says something, we automatically just think that’s just how it is without doing any research. How social media changes the way we consume stuff is different because the more info that pops up the more we think that’s true and then it might make us feel different than before, even though some of it might not be true.

Section 2: Ted talk

The things that we receive from the internet is just another way to make us feel more secure and in some cases, it might be toxic to some people because of what happens there. All we care about is likes, some might not think of likes as a big deal but to most of us, it makes us feel good about ourselves when we see people like our posts or comment something good. Sometimes when you don’t hit your normal amount of like a goal you might feel sad and think just what you did wrong, think about disabling your social media account, or even having depression.


The world that was showed in that video to me feel like something that wouldn’t really affect me, but I can totally see people living in that world. To be honest some parts of the video I can kind of relate to but for the most part, I don’t. The way that the main character gain point is by doing something nice and hope people will be nice and give them a like. The points are important to her because it is what makes her feel good about herself because if she has a lot of points it means that no one is really talking behind her back all for the most part everyone likes her. It changed this world that we now care about ourselves so much that we would do anything for attention/like and if we don’t achieve what we want it might give us suicidal thoughts.