Math Financial Literacy Project

For my refection I Choose question 1 and 2 mainly because they are the main two that I can answer.

  • I can ask question to my group that they can keep building on, and collecting as much information as possible.
  • While making the video, there were a lot of changes that we had to adjust for, Tedrik for example couldn’t read his line properly because it was a bit too long and he was choking on some parts not making it very fluent, so we had to minimize his lines so he could read it.
  • We choose to put some of the parts in the scripts in, and leave some parts out, because that was what we thought was a good idea, and we hoped that decision could improve our video presentation.
  • My group and I has tried to present using a PowerPoint, Sway, and a video. PowerPoint didn’t really work out for us. We did finish the Sway but when the video was done we felt like the video would make a better presentation.
  • How I monitor my progress is by writing what I should do today, tomorrow, the day after that, on a calendar to keep track of whose doing what.
  • If we wanted to make our audience fee intense or scared for example, we could add a gun shot noise in the video. If we wanted the audience to comedic we could maybe add a censor or a bleep in the video.
  •  Link to it is here —–>
  •   The link to our Sway is right here in case if you guy wanna take a look.—>

Bibliography is right here———- below