Science Fair


For the Science Fair Vanessa and I were planning to make a water powered light bulb. We were thinking of making a waterwheel. I felt like it was important because i wanted to see easy or hard it was to get clean energy.

I hadn’t done much research because I wanted to do the research while I was with Vanessa, but we couldn’t get together because of COVID-19. I had tried to find out a little bit of information on waterwheels, but I didn’t get much done.

We were still figuring out how we would set it up, but I was thinking of setting it up in a way that I could have a flow of water to power the waterwheel. I was planning on possibly using milk caps, Popsicle sticks, a light bulb and some other items. we hadn’t figured out everything we needed.

We didn’t connect with an expert/adult.

This was one of the ideas I saw for the waterwheel.