My Science Quote

“The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it” – Neil deGrasse  Tyson. This quote explains that the science is true whether you want to believe it or not. If you chose to believe in something or not is your opinion, Science is based off of facts that people study for a long, long time. I chose this quote because I feel as if it relates to me because, “I like to speak facts…and that a fact” – Rebecca S (2020). One thing to have a relation to the real world is the coronavirus that is taking the world by storm, some people are freaking out past the point they are planning their will. Others might look at the virus and think that the news stations are blowing it out of proportion to try and make more money. Scientists are smart and you should trust them when they speak facts its true.

Eustachewich, L. (2018, October 5). Neil deGrasse Tyson: Trump’s ‘Space Force’ isn’t a crazy idea. New York Post.

Favorite Video

This Video is from the Iconic movie barnyard, this scene is one of my favorite for i feel like it represents my silly side. this scene is also a game in the barnyard game, where Otis is taunting the mailman, its very funny and i hope you enjoy 🙂

favorite Quote

Image result for you miss 100 of the shots you don't take

This is Micheal Scott from the popular Netflix show The Office, my friends and I are huge fan of the show and with out spoiling to much to explain this image I will explain what this mean to me. In the show Micheal Scott starts on his own journey, and writes this on white board. yes this is originally a Wayne Gretzky quote but, who ever its coming from it really speak to me.

favorite image,

Image result for bob ross with quoteThis is Bob Ross, He is an exceptionally good artist, even though he is deceased his work is still very popular and people try to make their art as good as his. I have a connection to the image of Bob Ross because of when I went to the mall with my friend Jun, we found a Bob Ross bobble head, in this store. Another reason is because I like art and I try to recreate some of his art.

all about me.

Hi I’m Rebecca I’m a student in the Tri-Cities. My favorite class is socials,so far we have learned about North America, The French Revolution, and The Industrial revolution. In my socials class I have three friends that I knew before starting the class and I have made many knew ones in that class. My second favorite would be French because i have learned so much and even though its been challenging it interesting, J’aime la pizza, I like pizza its my favorite food. i am a athlete being involved in two sports currently, volley ball and field hockey.