My Science Quote

The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom 

– Isaac Asimov (author and biochemist, 1920-1992)


This quote really made a good point that i can relate to in modern society. What i believe this quote means is that science is moving so fast that society can’t keep up. All of this new knowledge and technology being developed is keeping society from creating wisdom from real-life experiences. An example of this is how in the past knowledge was learned through experience and now i can just google almost everything i need to know. Another example of how technology and knowledge is accelerating is the sheer amount of phones, laptops, and TV’s; If you ask me if i know what a Dell XPS 13 7390 is, I have absolutely no idea. In the past i could go to the store and buy an iphone, now there are tons of options. Society is relying way too much on knowledge and technology made by others. I find this quote extremely relatable, because of it’s deeper meaning in not just Isaac’s time but, in the more modern society we live in.


A photo of Isaac Asimov.



35 years ago, Isaac Asimov was asked by the Star to predict the world of 2019. Here is what he wrote | The Star. (n.d.-a). Thestar.Com. Retrieved January 30, 2020, from

Winter Market Reflection

Step 1

I was assigned a project in which i had to organize and represent a business that would be selling product during the winter sale. Not all of the project was selling product. A lot of, if not most of the work was in making the logo, posters and all of the written work. My job in the group was to do all of the written work. With little to no exceptions. I was also in charge of the table design and getting that working. I was like the business owner in a way. I worked with Denis and Carl. Denis was in charge of getting buttons done and Carl had to make the cookie cutters. I did the written work and the table decorating because i didn’t have a 3d printer so it was somewhat forced on me. I also wanted to get a good grade and to ensure i tried my hardest i did the written work. An important thing to me was the good opportunity i got to work on my group skills and being able to donate $10 despite an additional $30 cost being added to the expenses.

Step 2

A lot of skills that i had learned in not just marketing but also other classes played a large part in the assignment. My math skills were put to the test when i had to make quick calculations during the sale in a somewhat “high pressure” environment. I had to use writing skills i had learned in english classes to attempt to make decent quality writing. My skills in formatting learned in Social Studies was useful in making each of the pages in the written work. Especially the tables. If the breathing techniques that i learned in elementary school count then that was also a awesome skill to have in keeping my stress at bay. I had to change my approach many times. The buttons took a lot of trial and error to perfect and we ended up with a better product than anticipated. I thought we could stick to one hard price on our cookie cutters but we made the change to make the prices negotiable and all cutters sold. Yes it was different than expected. I assumed since only a few people have failed to break even it would be easy. Well… It was a real shocker when it was quite difficult.

Step 3

I learned a lot during the assignment. How to manage time, How to sell to a high school population, How to work well in a group and the proper way to write a business report (which i think is rather cool). I learned as i went along and did the work. I realized i wasn’t waiting until the last day to finish work, I realized that i was selling products that seemed kinda lame (not the buttons), and i realized that i was enjoying group work when i had previously hated it. A lot of this work will come in handy in the future. Coming in extra handy will be my new group skills. It would have been easier to sell sound buttons with a larger budget but you can’t change the past.

Core Competency:

I have chosen Social Responsibility as my core competency because of the group work i had to do, the questions and problems that needed to be solved and me having to carry my own weight in the group. I had to cooperate with my group to overcome obstacles. For example, the multiple delays we faced in the creation of our sound buttons. I had to communicate with Denis and Carl to see what needed to be done to solve the issue. I had to do all of the written work, which took a lot of time and effort. If i failed we could’ve failed the assignment. I carried my weight and handed everything in on time. I’m honestly proud of my improved social skills.

Favourite Video

One of my favourite videos/ clips is when Goku goes ultra instinct in order to defeat the warrrior Jiren from universe 11 in the tournament of power. Dragon Ball is one of my favourite shows, and this clip comes from Dragon Ball Super, which follows Dragon Ball Z. Goku has a tendency to hunt for strong opponents, and he usually gets what he wants. In this Arc all of the 12 universes are pitted against each other and only the last universe standing won’t be destroyed. It comes down to Goku from universe 7 and Jiren from universe 11, and Goku is losing until he finally taps into Ultra Instinct and takes on Jiren, with 2 minutes remaining on the clock can Goku beat Jiren and save his universe? Spoiler alert, Goku in his new mastered Ultra Instinct form demolished Jiren, even at his full power. None of the universes were destroyed from what i remember. I like this video because it shows to never give up, even in the face of failure. It i also from one of my favourite shows.

Favourite Picture

When i was younger, monsters inc was one of my many favourite movies and one scene always stuck out for me, the one where Mike Wazowski screams. Why does he scream, because he gets gets bit by one of the little child monsters when he’s picking up Boo. This is a snapshot of one (if not the best) scenes from the movie, and in my opinion the funniest.  Mike Wazowski is one of my favourite cartoon characters of all time. I like this image because it shows who mike really is and it was one of the few best scenes in monsters inc.

My Favourite Quote!

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” –Walt disney

This quote by Walt Disney is my favourite quote because it is relatable, isn’t crazy long like other quotes and generally makes sense. The quote is relatable because it’s true, an example is if you have work to get done don’t sit there and complain. Get it done. A lot of other quotes are really long and hard to get the point of and picture it. The third reason i like this quote is because it makes sense. As i said earlier some quotes are hard to figure out the meaning of, but this isn’t the case with this quote. You can get the point pretty quick, don’t talk just do. This is my favourite quote.