Science presentation


What do you want Ms. Mehai to notice?: i want her to notice how i was able to get all my information from the big sheet i got from when we were watching Plastic Ocean.

What are you most proud of?: i am most proud of my information i got in their to be precise i’m talking about the 6 connections


My favorite quote

I have one quote that I find interesting and motivating it’s by Stephen Hawking: “However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed. This is important to me because if you’re having a bad time this will motivate you to do something that will make you succeed also if you have too much homework read this and it will motivate you to do it. It also tells you even how difficult life is theirs always something to do, be productive do something that with help you in school, sports, music anything.

Favorite picture

One of my favourite pictures with an impact is the picture that was on Metro Ford’s home page its a soccer club, it shows my team and me how we won a tournament and this tournament was important because it was the finals in the cup/tournament and my last time playing with that team.

My favorite Youtube video

One of my favourite youtube clips/videos is probably a video by Kieran Brown. ( In the video, it shows the YouTuber Kieran goes to Lofoten Island in Norway and visits the most beautiful island I have ever seen and Kieran and in the video, he does some cool trick shots and freestyles and in the video, he also shows around the city and how beautiful it is.