Favourite Picture.

This is my favourite picture because it’s a picture of Slipknot’s second album Iowa, which was released in 2001. For those who may not know much about Slipknot, Slipknot is an American heavy metal band. The original 9 members are all from Des Moines, Iowa. Which of course, inspired the name for their album, Iowa. After their first album self titled, released in 1999, the band wasn’t sure where their career was going to take them and with that came the unknown. But Slipknot truly put their heads together and embarked on a new journey, with heavier sounds and new vocal range. During the recording of the album, Slipknot says it was one of their darkest times as a band collectively, but they managed to pull through and create one of their biggest albums to date. We were all definitely not let down by Iowa.

Link for the image.

favourite quote

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. That quote was written by Doctor Seuss, this quote in my opinion is about gratitude and being grateful for what you have, i believe that its a wonderful trait to be humble and kind. Never be ungrateful for the things you have, your health and the people you love, Because it could all be gone in a split second. Always treat every moment as if it were your last.

favourite video

Hello, I’m Vanessa, I’ve seen a lot of videos in my days, but this one for sure has to be my favourite. It’s from Vine, which was a popular social media platform around 2015. Sadly it was shut down on January 17th of 2017. The popular line from this video is “I don’t need a degree to be a clothing hanger”. The audio of a lady saying that line is attached to a video of her with a clothing hanger in the back of her shirt, hooking herself onto a door handle with the clothing hanger. I found it to be very amusing. Vine was definitely a time!