My digital footprint


I had taken the time to google myself in different search engines. I found pictures of other women with similar names. I’m glad my digital footprint has been kept to a minimum. if I were to go further into googling myself I would eventually find my social media accounts. I’m not very active with posting on those sorts of sites, so nothing came up under my name.

I think that keeping your digital footprint to a minimal amount is vital for future job opportunities, due to the fact that when you go to a job interview and state your name. they will do a background check to make sure that you are the sort of person they want in their company. For instance, if they find criminal records, or videos of you being irresponsible. you will most likely be declined the job.

Keeping your digital footprint appropriate and respectful is important, you should only be posting things that you would allow your grandmother to witness, with no repercussions on yourself. I recommend posting things that aren’t hateful or antagonizing to anyone of a specific point of view, religion, or belief of any kind. Think of the kind of point of view people will have on you. Think of the thing you are representing in that post, are you representing kindness, equality, and fairness? or are you representing hateful statements or opinions, violence, and rudeness?

Digital permanence is how posts on the internet will stay there for years, even if they are deleted, they are saved to archives and other ways of finding information. if you post a video or picture of yourself and friends being irresponsible or rude and hateful, people from your work, school, or community are able to find that, even if it was posted years ago, it’s a possibility the people you care most about may be able to see that video, is that the image you want for yourself?

Strategies. To ensure that your digital footprint is kept to a minimum and that you’re safe while using social media or other websites. You can put your account on private so that only certain people are allowed to view your content and you can manage who those people are. If your account of any social media isn’t on private you should make sure you’re aware of the people who follow you, you shouldn’t use your first and last name in usernames, or in posts. It is understandably dangerous, people could find more information on you. Another way to keep your information safe, make sure you don’t post using your full name or referencing any location close to you.

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