Science Fair

For the science fair me and Rachel were planning on making a simple water powered light bulb, sadly we weren’t able to do that because of COVID-19, we weren’t able to meet with each other either. This being the main reason that I didn’t get much reading over the topic, because I was planning to do research with Rachel so that we knew that we both understood what we were going to be doing, sadly this fell through since we weren’t able to see each eachother.

This is what I imagined the water powered lightbulb would look like, I was thinking that we could have a small amount of water with a waterwheel.


Something very similar to that to power our lightbulb, I know that there are various videos that we could have used without COVID-19 being in the way so that our idea could’ve became a reality. Though we didn’t really have an idea of the items we were going to use to create this invention, we had a small idea such as using bottle caps, teaspoons for measuring maybe, anything that is able to push water and keep it stable such as popsicle sticks straws and things like that. We were planning on setting it up so it could have a consistent flow of water.

We didn’t connect with an expert or adult either.