About Me

Hello, my name is Vanessa, as of now I go to a school in the tri cities. I was originally scared of going into high school but I’ve grown to like it here, the teachers are willing to help me with my assignments and everyone is fairly nice. On another topic, I have many interests, music, sports, and a variety of art, animals, the way that nature functions, and some other interests. To start off, I enjoy a couple different genres within rock and metal, those genres are punk, nu-metal, death metal and a little bit of black metal, also some softer genres such as pop punk. I enjoy sports such as horse back riding and skiing, I’ve been horse back riding since I was 7 or so, I’d like to think I’ve improved since I started. I work really hard to achieve the goal that I want by the end of every lesson, I’d like to know I’ve improved in some way. Skiing, Skiing is a sport I’ve enjoyed for a long time, it’s one of the ways me and my father can bond together since we often ski together, we both enjoy skiing and the mountains very much. My interest in art is new found, I’ve started really getting into art possibly at the start of this year, I’m not all too good since I’ve started only a couple months ago but I’m more then willing to keep drawing and painting to improve. My interest of animals has been long term, while I was growing up I always enjoyed watching birds and interacting with dogs, and other domesticated animals. I often look at the psychology of animals, I find it very interesting to see how their brains are similar or different to ours.