IB science 9 Sicence Quotes Activity

The quote I agree most in the selection is “Science is about the pursuit and delving into the unknown”-(Dr: Leroy little bear, a professor at the university of Lethbridge). I agree with this quote because I think science is about doing or thinking something new or taking things farther than ever before, and we wouldn’t have science if everything have been pursued and delved into, but thankfully that haven’t happened yet. I even have a personal, real-life example on how science is about the pursuit of the unknown. The story starts at a science fair, and I was doing a simple electrolysis experiment to generate a little bit of hydrogen gas which I would later burn ~ 3 cubic cm, this electrolysis reaction should’ve been very predictable, but something unpredicted happened, and a pile of green gel appeared where my electrode was. The green goop later turned orange after I had drained all the water out of the container, this gave me a clue to what was happening, so after some time of thinking of what was happening, I came to a conclusion, and it was that the iron nail I used for the electrode made of steel made FeO (It was oxidised by the oxygen generated trough electrolysis) (it’s iron 2 oxide because hydrogen was also generated through the electrolysis and hydrogen is a very powerful reducer), then, sodium hydroxide was made by the electrolysis of NaCl (which also made more hydrogen gas and chlorine). The sodium hydroxide then reacts with the iron oxide to form Iron hydroxide. Although this process seems simple it actually took me a good amount of time to figure out, and I pursued the unknown to get my answer.