My Science Quote

– Neil deGrasse Tyson (astrophysicist, 1958 -)

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Neil deGrasse Tyson (2017)

We humans, have the tendency to base our thinking to the subjective. For centuries, knowledge is based on one’s teaching; most notably, god himself. Our values, system, are based on god; acting for the name of God. For instance, the killing of peasants; as back then, they were to live and serve for god. In other words, they die or live for god.  Moreover, I agree with what Tyson said; science is based on facts, whether people believe it or not. In addition, I believe the world should revolve around science. Living in a world where knowledge is purely subjective; for instance, gods; there are no right or wrong gods. The worst part people fight for these kinds of beliefs; gods (like said earlier), opinions, etc. If we based our knowledge with science, we’ll live in a better world. Simply, there would always be one answer, and it’ll be always right whether or not people believe it or not.


Neil deGrasse Tyson. (2020). In Wikipedia.


Winter Market Reflection

1. My experience during the winter market was a total nightmare.

1a) To start off, I did numerous things that affected my experience. Firstly, my order got delayed and my procrastination; due to procrastinating, my order was coming on Dec 5; however, it got delayed to Dec 7! What’s worst I started at Dec 8 due to homework. On the days of the sale, I failed to make all of my products; In addition, it was poorly made. Thus, I lost confidence in my product, making me anti-social.

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1b) Secondly, I am working with my self; so the outcome of my business is solely my responsibility. In addition, in my opinion it’s hard to work with your self, because of responsibility. In this case, the role of responsibility heavily affected my business outcome; inevitably leading me to get no profit.

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1c) Thirdly, the actions I did is solely due to procrastination. Every single event happened due to procrastination; for example, I ordered by stuff too late; causing me to get inadequate quantities. In addition, I carried on my bad habit till now.

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1d) Lastly, even though I had some downs, I had some ups. On Tuesday I had inadequate quantities so I only asked for pre-order. Sadly, my keychains had zero demand, so I gained nothing that day. On Wednesday I bloated my keychains to give a 3d look, and sold it for half the original price. Sadly, I only gained $2.25 that day. On Thursday I made bundles which contained candies and keychains; I manage to sell a bunch of them on Thursday and Friday, but sadly I didn’t break even.

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2a) I apply very few academic concepts become apparent during this experience. Firstly, I applied my Marketing skills; I surveyed many people about my future product; however, I wasn’t that specific on my questions, causing me to get false responses.

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2b) There are some academic concepts I utilized to reach the goal I were trying to accomplish. Firstly, I applied my Marketing skills; I understood my product is not going to sell due to the customers feedback; so I changed my product throughout the marketing days; I changed my product a total of 2 times.

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2c) Yes, I changed my approach after new information and experiences were presented to me. After the first day of the sale; I wasn’t getting any sales. So I decided to lower my price and made it have a 3d look, but that didn’t sell that much. So I decided to make bundles which contained candy and my keychains; Luckily, that sold.


2d) Yes, my experience differ from my initial expectations. I assumed my product is going to sell, but it didn’t.

3a) I learn many things during my sale. Firstly, to not procrastinate; the core reason why my business failed is due to procrastinating; on the order, on finishing my product, etc. Also, I procrastinated my written portion. Secondly, to put effort into my work; the survey I did poorly, impacted my finished product MASSIVELY. The questions were half missing, leading me to get inadequate results. Those are the the two main reasons that led me to my downfall.

3b) I learned the hard way; I was given no attention, no sales, no nothing. I wondered why, I was given this judgement. I thought back when it started, and when it happened; I concluded it was due to my procrastinating and effort.

3c) It matters so much if I want to be successful in many areas. Inevitably, procrastination and effort will impact my life heavily. For instance, my grades; If I do all of my homework last minute, inevitably the work will be done poorly or unfinished. In addition, If I don’t put any effort into my work, it will be come out crappy. In conclusion, it matters.

3d) I should not procrastinate nor put very little effort.


My Digital Footprint

3. I found two things that are too revealing on my social media account. Firstly, my first and last name. Secondly, my high school. Both reasons can help someone find my location.

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4a) There are many ways that people’s digital footprint can affect their brand and future opportunities for post-secondary. For example, posting something racist, homophobic, sexist, etc. Another example, posting something inappropriate; parties, alcohol, etc. Or posting something illegal; drugs, etc. All in which aren’t allowed in post-secondary schools.

It’ll also affect future job prospects. For example, nobody wants a druggie or an alcoholic to be a pilot. Another example, no one wants a racist, homophobic, or sexist teacher.

It is important to be aware of one’s digital footprint because of two things. Firstly, they can affect people’s careers. Secondly, they can affect future opportunities for post-secondary.

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4b) There are six strategies that people can use to keep their digital footprint appropriate and safe.

The first strategy is VPNs. A VPN enables you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet. It can also protect browsing activity from other people on public Wi-Fi, and more. All in all, an effective strategy.

The second strategy is don’t use social media. Very simple and effective. Just don’t even touch social media.

The third strategy is to don’t share certain things. For instance, inappropriate things; alcohol, vape, etc. Another example, racist, homophobic, etc. things. Instead, post hobbies, sports, etc.

The fourth strategy is to don’t share your location. Don’t share your location, because people can track down where you live. Yes, it’s that easy.

The fifth strategy is to don’t share personal things. For instance, your name, address, school, etc. Each will put you in harm.

The last strategy is to think before you post and turn your account to private. By thinking before your post you can make sure it’s ok to post it. By making your account private you can limit certain people to see your posts.

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4c) Digital permanence is basically history; it is impossible to change history. Basically even if you delete your posts, it’ll always be stored online. Inevitably, someone will have it; either on their camera roll or on the server. I would explain it to younger kids, teachers, and elders, as it is.


One key information that supported my message is this one clip

It is about a person who is fired from his job because of one clip he posted. During when Chick-fil-a was getting protests because it was anti-gay marriage, Adam Smith made an offensive comment. Moments later after the post, he regretted the action, thus he deletes it. However, it was too late, it was going viral. As a result, leading him to get fired from his job as a CFO. He lost his dream home because of that, and his job of course.

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Assignment 1; Step 4; Quote

” Humans control their own fate ” – Oedipus.

Sisyphus; A person who cheated death twice by tricking the gods. Soon he was sentenced to rolling up a stone to the top of the mountain. In addition, every time he reaches the top of the mountain, the stone would roll back down to the start.   

Oedipus displays the human’s fate is nor controlled by gods or magic, but it’s us who wields it. Oedipus was destined to kill his father and marry his mother; though as many had attempted to stop destiny itself, they all have failed. When he found out about this he succumbed to the sadness and sorrow; however, he gradually came out of his timid shell. In fact, in his last speech he concluded: “All is well.”; Like Sisyphus, both trapped in the reality of the world neither can escape. However, they can perceive it in another meaning; a beautiful meaning. Moreover, if we reflect this in real life, numerous people are bounded by fate. Some may not realize they are a toad looking up in a well. For instance, slaves; slaves represent mankind its selves. Mankind is hopeless and they give up easily and almost instantly. However, this doesn’t mean we should let destiny control our lives. Even if bloodshed or tears fall, I promise you, it’s worth it. As Sisyphus and Oedipus conclude at the end of their journey, “All is well.” As one man’s struggle is enough to fill one person’s heart. In short, I’m talking about the journey we take. If we reflect this in real life, we are all Sisyphus; we ourselves are pushing our stone of struggles and dreams. Children, teen, or elderly, we are all Sisyphus’, and we shouldn’t let go; no matter how corrupt or absurd the world is. No matter how small the world is. We should continue to the end. It doesn’t matter that we will inevitably die, or our rock will come tumbling down. It’s the journey that matters, and by the end of our journey we’ll too conclude “all is well”. In conclusion, we shouldn’t take one person’s words to heart. How they criticize our dreams for being unrealistic, and how we should give up. We should take that as a motivation, to prove them wrong. Most importantly, we should continue on living till the end.  

I like it because it gives us perseverance and a meaning in life.



Assignment 1; Step 4; Image with Impact

This image reminds me of the walls; the wall that separates them from us. In this case, the slaves; many will think what lies behind the wall is freedom and happiness. One may break down that wall, but what lies there is nor freedom or happiness; what lies there is reality. A place where one may find themselves bombarded by walls; Walls that separate the blacks and the whites. A wall that separates classes and sexuality. A wall that separates the truth of the world. In short, a world filled with illusions and equality is simply inevitable. In the end, one may be next to a person on the other side of the wall; yet so close, they are distant.

I like it because it teaches us an important lesson; how we should be aware of our status. We ourselves should cherish our place in society; we shouldn’t be sad or mad because of a small stupid thing. We should be glad what we have right now; shelter, food, and water. In addition, we should accept everyone; no matter the race, sexuality, or class. We are all the same. Also, it teaches the flaws in our society.

I like it bec

Assignment 1; Step 4; Youtube Clip

The video that I have chosen, projects myriad symbols to the audience. Subjectively, the most potent symbol has to be during the end where he is running. One may ask, why is he running? or what is he chasing? My answer is that he’s running away from reality and chasing for acceptance. Like every black person back then, they were discriminated, unwanted, and to the point, they were viewed as things. It must be arduous to achieve acceptance in this cruel society as a black. Objectively, human beings are scared to not fit in society; ehey simply don’t want the feeling of loneliness in this absurd world. Sadly, the black’s fate is inevitable; no matter hard they chase for acceptance, they are too, human beings. Thus, they will too, succumb to the depths of suicide.

I like it because it teaches us the flaws in our society. In addition, teaches us we should accept people no matter their race, class, and sexuality