Winter Market Reflection

During the winter market, my job was to go around the market and sell our product and get the word out. I held our mugs and hot chocolate to showcase our product and talks to our potential consumers walking by about our product and lead them to our stand. My groupmates were Nick and Saam. We chose to sell our product since we thought that teachers and students could enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate in our mug during this cold winter day. I chose to walk around the market since we thought that not all people will walk in front of our stand, and by walking around more people will be exposed to our product. We thought that the selling process went well and we made lots of conversations with our consumers including teachers.

The experience of the winter market sale was similar to what I thought it was would be like. I knew it was going to be really busy and we needed to be prepared. I knew we had to talk to lots of people so I prepared myself to talk and shout for our product to get attention and sales. The only thing that was different than what I envisioned was that we needed to be more organized with the money, and been more equal with our prices.

Math was really important in this sale since we had to calculate our revenue and sales. Negotiation is also important since we need to talk to the consumers about our prices. Persuasion helps when we talk to the consumers and make them think good things about our product. The rule of supply and demand also helped us consider our prices.

I learned about that running a business requires a lot of effort, I learned about the money supply, and how supply and demand worked. I also learned that marketing skills are really important when selling. I learned those while putting together the business and running the business, and when doing the money counting after each day of sale. It matters since I know how hard it is to make money now, and it will help me in the further when I am thinking of starting a business. We should have been more organized with the money in the future, and count the float before that sale so our number doesn’t get messed up.

Image With Impact

This image shows a person jumping over a cliff in with a sunset in the background. The “im” of “impossible” is falling down to the bottom of the cliff and leaves the words “possible” on the other side of the cliff. This has an impact on me because it shows that this person overcame his fears and turned impossible into possible. This person jumped across a cliff and before that they thought it was impossible however after doing it, the impossible turned into possible. The image is connected to me since the person is trying hard to achieve their goals and that is my goal.

Favourite Quote

One of my favourite quotes is “The best way to predict the future is to create it” -Abraham Lincoln. This quote is extremely inspiring to me since it motivates me to create a better future for myself with my own hands. It makes me think that I shouldn’t just sit there and see what happens in the future it tells me to go work hard towards my dream and create my own future. This is closely connected to me since I want my future in my own hands and i would like to create a future that I would like myself.




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Youtube video

Many people think the same way and they get stuck in their minds. This video recognizes people who always saw things differently. Showed that when you look at something from a different perspective you might find something entirely new and maybe unusual. This video refreshes my mind and reminds me to think in a different way when I get stuck on something and see things differently. It is also entertaining to watch since you wait for the different views of thing and the results are interesting. The video describes me since I sometimes see things in a different way and I can relate to this video.



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