Favorite Quote

“I hope we can all be as brave as each other.”

This sentence comes from《Saye》, this book mainly tells the story of the two protagonists to save each other, they are each other’s hope. At the end of the article, both protagonists are admitted to the ideal university.  The sister of one of the main characters was cured and could speak.  “I hope we can all be as brave as each other.”, that sentence has finally come true. I choose this quote because this quote motivated me.


Favorite Video

I chose this video because I think the Chinese soldiers walked very neatly and were very aggressive during the parade. This video is a military parade on the 70th anniversary of the founding of China. The military parade is a ceremony in which the military parade passes through the queue of the enrolled troops for review. The split type is a ceremony in which the queue team of the reading department passes through the reviewing platform and is reviewed by the military parade.